Why sometimes pursuing your persona happy isn’t always a good thing?

Just when the season is over Real Housewives of Atlanta decides it is NOW time to get good! News broke today that Porsha is now ENGAGED to Falynn’s husband. When did this happen? Huh? What? Weren’t they friends? He…

What do you do when the mom/ daughter relationship is difficult or non-existent?

In an ideal world your relationship with your mom would be natural, easy, motivating and fun. What do you do when your first love is your biggest source of pain? How do you navigate the world without…

Support the financial freedom of survivors of human trafficking through learning more about The START Act in NY.

It is International Women’s Day!

The START Act in NY is a bill that will ensure that victims of human trafficking are able to access financial security without their prior criminal records…

A social campaign that looks to change the perceptions around Black sex workers.

Some of your favorite Black celebs have a sex worker past. I am getting social with @TashaJFierce to discuss their social media campaign that talks about the sex worker pasts of your favorite Black celebs, Black sex…

LaDawn Black

Black is a relationship expert, author and media personality. IG/Twitter @teasebyladawn and ladawnblack.com.

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