MAFS Never Got Better. Decision Day Sucked.

LaDawn Black
2 min readMay 18, 2021


This Atlanta season of Married At First Sight had no real high points.

God Awful Season!

#MAFS Decision Day Thoughts ….

Okay, I left this season early because I could no longer take Chris, Paige, Haley, Erik, Virginia and Ryan. It was too much silly going on. However, I did watch decision day and here are my thoughts…

Chris doesn’t like Paige. He and the ex made up the pregnancy to get off the show, but Paige held on a bit too tight and he looked too much like an ass to make a clean exit. That is my theory. Circling back on decision day and saying endearing things to Paige wasn’t about Paige. It was about saving face. He constantly reveals who he is and when people don’t fall for it he runs. When he cursed the lady doctor for having an opinion … he is just a bad guy. What is Paige seeing that keeps making her melt?

Paige smiling burns my brain. I figured it out ya’ll — Paige is a pick-me chick. Deep down she wants to be picked and “any” indication that Chris gives that he may come her way she is there for. “Pick-me” people live off of hope because their nightmare is not being chosen. They don’t think much pass that stage. If she ran after that man one more time … the sad part is at the reunion we are going to find that they are still dealing with each other on some level. It is sad, but she is choosing this path so no sympathy.

Clara is miserable with Ryan, but she knows that he will never leave her. He is stable and dedicated; so she is going to hang in there with his weirdness to have a family. I almost wouldn’t feel bad for them because I am pretty sure it is going to work, but she just doesn’t seem as fun as she was when they first met. He is dimming her light.

Virginia is looking for a dad and she has one now in Erik.

Jake was such a missed opportunity. Good dude paired with an evil woman. He is an adult and they gave him a child. Haley is awful and oddly shaped. Jake deserves a do over.

Vincent is very emotional, but I think Briana gets him. They are the cute couple this season and they made the episode worth watching.

I will watch the reunion episode because I think there will be more stupidity happening. This was an awful season. DC was pretty bad, but at least entertaining. This one was a hard watch start to finish.



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